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Water and mergers and acquisitions

This is a follow-up on my entry water post from yesterday. The thesis here is that mergers will be a big part of the landscape as companies seek economies of scale and scope or vertically integrate to deliver water to their customers. But…

The Race for Energy Resources

Scarcity is a powerful force and it leaves those in control of limited resources wielding great power. We think a scarcity of uranium will increase Russia's power; control over some of the last big, easy oil deposits has earned Saudi Arabia…

Facebook Snaps a $1-Billion Photo

"What made Instagram worth $1 billion to Facebook?"When asked this question recently, I responded with an immediate, "Nothing."I'm not usually so terse or emphatic with my answers, as any longtime reader knows. But in this case,…

AT&T raising charges by 33%

This is not an opinion on AT&T stock since AT&T benefits from a monopoly status in fixed line and oligopoly status in mobile telecom. But I did want to briefly flag something regarding the telecom industry and M&A.
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