The euro was always controversial: What Eurobarometers say about the EU’s legitimacy (part two)

So, yesterday I parsed the EU sentiment data from the EU's early expansion period. And what we saw was rising support for the EU right up until 1991. But after that time, support for the EU collapsed and has never recovered. I want to look at the Eurobarometers since that time to tease out why.
1996 was the low before the sovereign debt crisis
When you look at EU sentiment data, what's striking is that pro-EU sentiment plunged precipitously from 71% to 46% in the 5 years between 1991 and 1996. The magnitude of the decline is far and away the worst in the dataset. So I wanted to see what people were saying in the Spring 1997 Eurobarometer 47 to explain why they were so downbeat. Here's what I found.

Support for the EU gained universally before 1991. And it plunged pretty much everywhere th...

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