On the Kavanaugh nomination battle and partisanship

The last post I wrote was from a Republican partisan perspective. And it told a story about Trump remaking the party in his image. I will have more to say about that later from a non-partisan view. But, right now, I want to focus on partisanship and why that favours Republicans in the Senate and Democrats in the House for the mid-term election.
Kavanaugh's lies
I think it's fair to say that Brett Kavanaugh lied repeatedly in his testimony before Congress and in his interview on Fox. What's more is that, during his Supreme Court nomination process, lies he told during his nomination to the District Court were uncovered. And many of these lies are documented here in a post titled "the lies that should have sunk Brett Kavanaugh".

So why didn't those lies sink Kavanaugh? The answer, of course...

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