What should we expect after a financial crisis?

Today is September 11th, a sad day for many people including myself. I lived in New York City when the terrorists attacked that day. And I witnessed the Twin Towers fall. A college friend who worked there was killed in the attack. I don't talk a lot about the personal impact 9/11 had on me and my life because I keep those things private. But 9/11 was as profound an event as any in shaping my life -- for good and for bad.

I think the US and how Americans think about their collective vulnerability was forever changed by 9/11. And so, it makes a good segue way into today's newsletter where the big topic is how crisis changes societies. And here, I want to focus on the Great Financial Crisis.
1 - Andrew Ross Sorkin on crisis
Let's start with this:
The crisis was a moment that cleaved our...

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