Merkel called her Interior Minister’s bluff aka Germany is more stable than people think

Real quick here on Germany and the refugee crisis since I wrote this up last week.

On the internal politics, I was saying that Horst Seehofer, the head of the CSU, Chancellor Merkel's Bavarian partner, was concerned about losing votes on the right. But, at the same time, one could argue that his challenging Merkel and offering to resign was an attempt to keep the coalition intact rather than blow it up. Just because he stepped down wouldn't mean the CDU and CSU couldn't remain partners. It would just mean Seehofer would no longer be around.
German stability?
So Seehofer's bluff wasn't credible. Even so, Germany looks somewhat unstable here. Nevertheless, Germany is still more stable than people think.

The fact that we have a Grand Coalition and have had one for more than five years...

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