Links: 2018-04-05

Links on Apple, Amazon, the Postal Service, Puerto Rico and more.


Stunned Investors Reap 95% Gains on Defaulted Puerto Rico Bonds – Bloomberg

“The China Hustle” tells the story of a massive fraud you probably haven’t heard about

Analysts predict new Apple stock buyback program – Business Insider

Calculated Risk: ADP: Private Employment increased 241,000 in March

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25 Stunning Black and White Photos Capture Everyday Life in New York City in the 1950s

Congress, Not Amazon, Messed Up the U.S. Postal Service – Bloomberg

What could Trump do to Amazon? – POLITICO

“Trump Is Like, ‘How Can I F–k with Him?'”: Trump’s War with Amazon (and The Washington Post) Is Personal | Vanity Fair

While Everyone Focuses on Opioids, Meth-Related Deaths Are on the Rise | Cato Institute

Italy’s Populists Edge Toward Policy Pact as Berlusconi Divides – Bloomberg

China downgrades US Treasuries – Herbert Poenisch – OMFIF

Facebook: ‘Malicious actors’ used its tools to discover identities and collect data on a massive global scale – The Washington Post

Inside New York’s taxi ‘crisis’ – BBC News

How Grab pushed Uber out of Asia – BBC News

Trade spat with New York ‘not what we want,’ says Wynne | Toronto Star

Zuckerberg says Facebook will offer GDPR privacy controls everywhere – TechCrunch

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook hasn’t felt ‘any meaningful impact’ in its usage or business in the wake of its privacy scandal – Recode

Google employees demand the company pull out of Pentagon AI project – The Verge

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