The Economics of Rising Populism

Here's a talk I did with Alan Tonelson at the Henry George School in New York. I think economic populism is alive and well. It’s still a driving force of politics in the US, and in Europe too. But, while populism is still a potent force, recent economic growth makes it less virulent. I have said so since last June.
My view on populism has changed
Personally, I’ve gone back and forth on the issue. One of my first posts nearly ten years ago was “Populism: The real economic danger in this recession." I think this was the sixth post I wrote on this site. That post took a fairly negative view of political populism.
Nine days later, I followed it up with another post: “A populist interpretation of the latest Boom-Bust cycle”. This was a thought piece on populism. And it’s become one of my fav...

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