Links: 2014-08-04


China dumps Symantec, Kaspersky Lab from approved vendors – CNET | Moody’s upgrades Greece by two notches

China Services Index Drops to Six-Month Low on Property – Bloomberg

We owe five times more than we did in 2008 –

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Enough Russian Roulette with Nuclear Fire | Ian Welsh

BES seniors fly; sub capitulates | Capital City | IFRe

Smartphones Become Next Frontier in Cybersecurity – WSJ

A Russian soldier’s Instagram posts may be the clearest indication of Moscow’s involvement in East Ukraine | National Post

Calculated Risk: ISM Manufacturing index increased in July to 57.1

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President Plosser Comments on FOMC Dissent (August 1, 2014) – Philadelphia Fed

Argentina Default Is Ruled a Credit Event for Swaps –

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