News: 2014-06-23


Happy Monday. I will be back to normal posting on Tuesday. Here are today’s links.

Markit Flash PMI, June 2014 – Business Insider

Housing Market Falters Amid Rising Prices, Lower-Paying Jobs – Bloomberg

BBC News – Did Hyman Minsky find the secret behind financial crashes?

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BNP Near Settlement With U.S. for Up to $9 Billion – WSJ

China Manufacturing Gauge Climbs in Sign of Pickup – Bloomberg

Young workers hate their jobs – The Washington Post

Into the shadows: risky business, global threat –

Contrary to Neil Irwin, “We” Are Not All Crony Capitalists | Beat the Press

The Fed’s Ever-Burgeoning Market Manipulation Support | naked capitalism

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IMF Urges ECB to Consider a Large-Scale Asset-Purchase Program – WSJ

Commentary: Amazon’s Fire Phone Is Too Much, Too Late – Digits – WSJ

Stephen Roach: ‘We’ve Got a Balance Sheet Problem’

President Barack Obama’s Approval Ratings Plummet to New Lows – TIME

Public Faith in Congress Falls Again, Hits Historic Low

Fitness App Usage Is Growing 87% Faster Than The Overall App Market | TechCrunch

Calculated Risk: Philly Fed Manufacturing Survey suggests Solid Expansion in June

EconoMonitor : EconoMonitor » Greece Needs a Deep Debt Write Off

US patent office cancels Washington Redskins trademarks | The Verge

The most affordable EU country for house-buyers is…

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