News: 2014-06-19

News links for 19 Jun 2014


T-Mobile Stops Counting Data Used With Spotify, Pandora, And Certain Other Music Services | TechCrunch

Calculated Risk: Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims decrease to 312,000

Lawmakers: IRS lost more emails in tea party probe – The Washington Post

Sober Look: The BoJ’s balance sheet is about to go parabolic

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NHS is the world’s best healthcare system, report says | Society | The Guardian

Norway’s Central Bank Sends Krone Sliding – WSJ

A Horror-Show Called “Fed-Gate” May Be Coming To Your Bond Fund Soon | David Stockman’s Contra Corner

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Studies Show Link Between Long-Term Joblessness and Depression – Real Time Economics – WSJ

How to Tell If Your Member of Congress Is a Crony Capitalist | Alternet

Shiller’s CAPE – Is It Really Just B.S.? | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM

Amazon’s Appstore Is Coming to BlackBerry

Amazon Fire Phone Hands-On: Great For Amazon, Less For You

Why Amazon’s Fire Phone doesn’t really impress me (yet) — Tech News and Analysis

Amazon’s Fire Phone Is More Than Meets the Eye [HANDS-ON] | Bailed-out Cyprus returns to bond market to feed yield-hungry investors

How to Anonymize Everything You Do Online | Threat Level | WIRED

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