News: 2014-06-05


U.S. Jobless Claims Up, But Still Near 7-Year Low – WSJ

Rousseff Says Brazil Has No Fiscal Room to Further Reduce Taxes – Bloomberg

Sprint, T-Mobile Move Closer to a $32 Billion Merger – WSJ

Donald Sterling Agrees to Sale of NBA Clippers: Lawyer – Bloomberg

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Bank of England Holds Rates – WSJ

Los Angeles sues JPMorgan, alleges discriminatory lending | Reuters

Here’s why ADP’s optimistic May jobs report is troubling | 2014-06-04 | HousingWire

Ukraine Bond Repayment Belies Economy Gutted by Conflict – Bloomberg

BNP Paribas hit by downgrade warning from ratings agency Standard & Poor’s | Business | The Guardian

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In U.S., 42% Believe Creationist View of Human Origins

Calculated Risk: U.S. Light Vehicle Sales increase to 16.7 million annual rate in May, Highest Rate since 2007

Ukraine Envoy: Kiev May Need More Financial Help, U.S. Military Support – Real Time Economics – WSJ

EU asks Bulgaria to suspend Russian gas pipeline – Telegraph

Angela Merkel ‘wants Christine Lagarde as EC president’ – Telegraph | The rise and rise of Golden Dawn

Seattle misreads Thomas Piketty as its minimum wage mascot | Money |

U.S. small business borrowing jumps in April -PayNet | Reuters

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