News: 2014-05-29


Russia forges huge economic bloc with Kazakhstan and Belarus | Reuters

Spanish economy posts third straight quarter of growth –

The internet of things — Benedict Evans

Uber CEO: We’re in a Political Battle with an ‘Assh*le’

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TrueCrypt’s Web Site Updates with Ominous Warning, Details Unknown

Dropbox Isn’t Cutting Prices in Cloud Pricing War | Re/code

Dear Nationalism, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

Google Admits It Hires Too Many White Dudes | TechCrunch

Cue: The current TV experience “sucks,” billion-dollar Apple TV business will get bigger this year | 9to5Mac

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This is why Apple bought Beats

Japan Retail Sales Show Sales Tax Beginning to Bite – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Rise of the Private Surveillance State – TIME

Samsung Wants to Be the Central Platform for All Wearables

More on Piketty | Econbrowser

Publishers must become giants to take on Amazon –

Video: interview with Mian & Sufi on “House of Debt”, and a review | FT Alphaville

Kleiner Perkins’ Mary Meeker on the Internet Bubble | Re/code

Low interest rates drop mortgage debt servicing to new low, report says | Financial Post

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