News: 2014-05-28


Gwyneth Paltrow Talks About Goop, Celebrity, Trolls at Code Conference | Re/code

Facebook Seeks EU Antitrust Review of WhatsApp Deal –

China Is Projected to Overtake the U.S. in Mobile Revenue – Digits – WSJ

Rising Household Debt: Increasing Demand or Increasing Supply? – Liberty Street Economics

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U.S. Banks’ Net Income Declines From Year Ago –

The Ultimate Failure of Tim Geithner | The National Interest

Consumers Are Back to Paying Mortgages Ahead of Credit Cards – Real Time Economics – WSJ

China’s Property Slump Worsens –

BBC News – France in 14bn-euro tax black hole

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German jobless rise biggest in five years, mild winter blamed | Reuters

Grow fast or die slow | McKinsey on Marketing & Sales

Wall Street Finds New Subprime With 125% Business Loans – Bloomberg

The inflation target orthodoxy has lasted too long –

Geithner’s Dubious Accounting – Bloomberg View

Will private equity investors keep getting their pockets picked?

There are other bubbles out there beyond UK house prices –

Japan Risks Low Growth Even as Easing Spurs Inflation – Bloomberg

The Private Equity Limited Partnership Agreement Release: The Industry’s Snowden Moment | naked capitalism

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