News: 2014-05-14

Advertisement | Geithner describes alarm at Schaeuble plan for Greek euro exit in new book

BBC News – UK unemployment rate falls to five-year low

In Ukrainian media, an uncivil war of words : Columbia Journalism Review

Geithner’s AIG Story: Genius, or Clueless? | Fox Business

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Mozilla’s crazy plan to fix net neutrality and turn broadband into a utility – and why it could work — Tech News and Analysis

Dangerous Decision in Oracle v. Google: Federal Circuit Reverses Sensible Lower Court Ruling on APIs | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Why Banks at Wal-Mart Are Among America’s Top Fee Collectors –

BBC News – South Africa election: Growth ‘not been strong enough’
Franco-German show of unity masks policy divide | Reuters

Lockhart Expects Fed to Use Reverse Repos During Stimulus Exit – Bloomberg

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CIA, FBI agents advising Ukraine government | GlobalPost

Asia: Addicted to debt –

You’re Not Worthy: Snubbed Customers Snap Up Luxury Goods – Real Time Economics – WSJ

This time China’s property bubble really could burst –

UniCredit returns to profit as bad loans fall | Reuters

Hedge fund titans are testing the quality of US democracy –

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Ukraine needs Russia and the West – The Washington Post

Stop blaming the IMF for everything

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