News: 2014-05-07

News links for 7 May 2014


Alibaba Files For Massive IPO With 9-Month Revenue Of $6.51B | TechCrunch

Christie’s Sells Monet to Chinese Collector for $27 Million –

In Hong Kong, Property Developers Try Discounts –

Is Moving Up the Value Chain a Mistake for China? | The Diplomat

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Bitcoin ‘a distraction’, says online payment pioneer – Telegraph

SocGen takes €525m hit on Russian assets –

2014 Midterm Elections: Democrats Face Worst Climate in Years – TIME

Privacy Tools: Encrypt What You Can

The Rotation Into Defensive Stocks Continues | From The Buzz & Banter | Minyanville’s Wall Street

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Home Price Gains Are Not Boosting Borrowing – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Americans Raid 401(k)s, Replacing Home Equity Withdrawals as Way to Make Ends Meet | naked capitalism

Wearables industry ponders next step in fitness after Nike move –

Mike Nogratz likes Brazil; Jeff Gundlach hates housing

Exclusive: Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA | Al Jazeera America

“The urge to merge meets the dash for trash” | FT Alphaville

Behind the U.S. plan to unleash the IRS on Russia’s banks | Financial Post

How Russia Inc. Moves Billions Offshore — and a Handful of Tax Havens May Hold Key to Sanctions – Bloomberg

Lending Where Banks Can’t, Blackstone Thrives in Ireland – –

Time to Worry About Stock Market Bubbles –

Wells Fargo releases two new credit cards aimed at high spenders | Reuters

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