News: 2014-04-29

News links for 29 Apr 2014


Where Is the Rent Too Damn High? | House of Debt

German govt distances itself from Schroeder after his Putin meeting | Reuters

China provincial GDP data adds to slowdown concerns | Reuters

Russia’s military chief and deputy PM added to EU sanctions list –

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VW profit jumps as Audi, Porsche sales hit record | Reuters

UK economy expands by 0.8pc in first quarter – Telegraph

Philip Pilkington: “The Chosen Ones” – Krugman’s Critique of the Critics | naked capitalism

BBC News – Japan retail sales surge on tax hike

U.S. Beefs Up Military Options for China as Obama Reassures Allies in Asia –

Authy Brings Two-Factor Authentication To The Desktop | TechCrunch

Apple To Raise Another $17B In Debt To Avoid Repatriating Foreign-Held Cash | TechCrunch

When $324 Million Isn’t Nearly Enough | TechCrunch

You’ve got pwned: AOL reports e-mail breach as bigger than thought | Ars Technica

Gogo CEO on AT&T’s Plan to Invade His Airspace | Re/code

Yahoo will stream a live concert every day for a year | The Verge

Netflix Inks Peering Deal With Verizon | TechCrunch

Microsoft Targets Box, Dropbox – Digits – WSJ

Samsung unveils Q1 operating profit at $8.2 billion

Samsung’s Galaxy K zoom is a high-end smartphone and an incredible selfie machine | The Verge

Samsung Smartphone Market Share Dips for First Time In 4 Years – Digits – WSJ | How the EU got it so wrong in Ukraine

Putin’s oil tsar emerged from shadows to wield vast power | Reuters

BBC News – Yahoo announces original TV series

U.S. Drip-Feed of Sanctions Seen Risking Putin Backlash – Bloomberg

Price of 3-bedroom house in prime London areas ‘has risen £729 a day’ | Business | The Guardian

Solving a Monetary Puzzle | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM

Not first time Donald Sterling’s remarks have bled into business | Financial Post

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‘Almost every asset is overvalued’: Apollo pro

U.S. Pending Home Sales Rise 3.4% in March –

4 Reasons Why Japan (Still) Doubts US Security Assurances | The Diplomat

US Treasury Secretary hits out at Putin and Rosneft with sanctions – Telegraph

Paym launch: 300,000 sign up to send money by mobile phone number – Telegraph

Fitch raises Spain’s credit rating to BBB – Telegraph

Independent Scotland may have to scrap perks to service debt burden – Telegraph

Oil and gasoline prices: many still missing the big picture | Econbrowser

Our Unhealthy Obsession with Central Banks… | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM

Conventional and ‘jumbo’ mortgage rates blur, curbing rare perk for middle class |

Japan’s 20-Year Deflationary Spiral Is About To End – Forbes

Fact-Checking Hillary Clinton’s Comments About Edward Snowden and the NSA | Freedom of the Press Foundation

Hurdles shrink for jumbo loan shoppers – Feb. 7, 2014

Jumbo mortgages now carry cheaper rates than traditional loans – Nov. 12, 2013

13 times that economic sanctions really worked

Minimum wage: Congress stalls, states act – Apr. 28, 2014

Martin Wolf on funny money creation | FT Alphaville

Deutsche-Bank-Ökonom : “Russlands Wirtschaft wird massiv überschätzt” – Nachrichten Wirtschaft – DIE WELT

Pro-Russia rebels parade German-led observer hostages –

Macroeconomics and Class Warfare –

A Monetary Puzzle –

Is James Rickards Right About A Coming Monetary Apocalypse? – Forbes

How to keep on selling smartphones when we’ve nearly all got one already | Technology | The Observer

Making a non-western payment card system, in Russia | FT Alphaville

Philippines seeks US support in confrontation with China –

South Korea Prime Minister to Resign Over Ferry Sinking – Bloomberg

Pope Francis Canonizes Popes John Paul II and John XXIII – Bloomberg

Office yields fall as market gains ground –

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