News: 2014-04-25

Pourquoi le livre de Piketty est-il un succès aux Etats-Unis ?
Spaanse economie kent sterkste groei in zes jaar - De Standaard
Venezuelan Economy Slows Sharply -
BBC News - Tokyo consumer price growth at 22-year high
Why Willem Buiter believes Japan's economy is unsustainable - QFINANCE
Demand for Home Loans Plunges -
Standard & Poor's Lifts Rating on Cyprus -
Standard and Poors rebaja a ‘BBB-’ la calificación de Rusia | Economia | EL PAIS
La firma de hipotecas cae en febrero un 33% y suma 46 meses a la baja
Canada leading ranks of shrinking middle class
Canada's middle class is doing well? It's not so simple. | Toronto Star
Four Seasons soars to new heights of 'extreme luxury' with private jet | Toronto Star
Justice Dept. Seeks Mortgage Deal Wit...

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