News: 2014-04-11

News links for 11 Apr 2014


Sonos adds Google Play Music, enables casting from within Google’s app — Tech News and Analysis

Shortcut Debuts A Siri-Like App For The “Internet Of Things” | TechCrunch

How to manage and protect your passwords in the post-Heartbleed era — Tech News and Analysis

Apple Says iOS, OSX and “Key Web Services” Not Affected by Heartbleed Security Flaw | Re/code

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Bitcoin Falls Below The $400 Mark, Down More Than 60% From Its All-Time High | TechCrunch

Cisco finds 13 products (so far) vulnerable to Heartbleed—including phones | Ars Technica

Dropbox Rankles Valley Orthodoxy with Rice Board Appointment – Digits – WSJ

Fitch Raises Portugal Outlook to Positive –

American subprime lending is back on the road –

“the financial world has a short memory, particularly when easy money and innovation collide. In recent months subprime lending has quietly staged a surprisingly powerful return, not in relation to real estate, but another American passion – cars. Some wonder how long it will be before this new boom causes another wave of casualties, not just among naive consumers, but investors too.”

German shoppers raise hopes for eurozone recovery –

“there are signs that the German consumer is becoming a little less thrifty. Retail sales rose 2.5 per cent in real terms in January, compared to December of last year, according to Germany’s Federal Statistical Office. This was the biggest monthly rise since February 2007.”

Greece prices €3bn five-year bond at 99.133 to yield 4.95% | Capital City | IFRe

“Greece is rated nine notches below investment grade at Caa3 by Moody’s. Standard & Poor’s and Fitch rank Greece six notches below investment grade at B-.”

Jim Flaherty dies soon after quitting as Canada’s finance minister | Reuters

Japan approves energy plan reinstating nuclear power | Reuters

GM to take $1.3 billion charge in first quarter due ignition switch recall | Reuters | House prices continue to slide

Return of AAA rating at risk if Scotland votes Yes – Telegraph

Banks urged to act over ‘Heartbleed’ bug –

GM places two engineers on leave in deadly ignition switch probe | Reuters

U.S. judge accepts SAC guilty plea, approves $1.2 billion deal | Reuters

Consumer inflation in China rises to 2.4pc a year | South China Morning Post

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OpenSSL-Leck : “Heartbleed”-Programmierer spricht von Versehen – Nachrichten Wirtschaft – Webwelt & Technik – DIE WELT

The Heartbleed programmer has been found. He is German and says the bug was an honest mistake.

Sebelius Decision to Resign May Shift Debate on Obamacare – Bloomberg

Apple-Gründer : “Steve Jobs’ Umsetzungskompetenz war armselig“ – Nachrichten Wirtschaft – Webwelt & Technik – DIE WELT

German language Interview with Steve Wozniak. Good read

End of austerity: we’ll escape €1.5bn in cutbacks –

Auto Sales Slow in China as Economy Cools –

Ukrainian Crisis Not Wasted by Washington Lobbyists – Bloomberg

‘Heartbleed’ bug: Computer threat spreads to firewalls and beyond –

Heartbleed Bug Found in Cisco Routers, Juniper Gear –

Report: 85% of pensions could fail in 30 years

“Influential and well-regarded hedge fund Bridgewater Associates Wednesday warns public pensions are likely to achieve 4% returns on their assets, or worse. If Bridgewater is right, that means 85% of public pension funds will be going bankrupt in three decades. “

Well-known murder suspect from Bethesda added to FBI’s most wanted list – The Washington Post

Green Tea Improves Working Memory — PsyBlog

Biggest U.S. airlines among worst in customer service: study | Reuters

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

Retail Sales Thaw in March, Driven by Discounts –

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 7-Year Low –

Hryvnia Falls to Record as Ukraine Bonds Extend Slump – Bloomberg

Capital controls in China are broken; Beijing faces a new ‘impossible trinity’ /Euromoney magazine

“The sharp jump in cross-border lending to China in recent years means capital controls are de facto broken. As a result, Beijing faces the “impossible trinity” – an inability to manage exchange rates, monetary policy and allow for free movement of capital, all at the same time. China faces an renminbi-policy crisis, rather than a credit crisis.”

Wearables set for explosive growth, study shows – CNET

“Although wearable device shipment volumes will reach just 19 million units in 2014, that figure will grow to 111.9 million in 2018, according to IDC research.”

Chinese savers can scorch the world –

Pimco’s Bill Gross Recovers After Mohamed El-Erian’s Departure – Businessweek

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