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News links for 10 Apr 2014


Mirable Dictu! US Regulators Impose Tougher Rules on Bank Capital | naked capitalism

Japan Scrambles More Jets as Regional Tensions Rise – Japan Real Time – WSJ

Russian Gazprom Neft says Asian oil buyers ready to pay in euros | Reuters

Greek bond sale hailed a success after raising €3bn | Business |

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Michael Lewis’s Crusade –

Au Contrarian: March 2014 – One Month Closer

Who are the newly self-employed? – PRIME ECONOMICS

The ‘Crude Wall’ cometh | FT Alphaville

Hugh Hendry Down 6% In March As Bullish Bet Turns Sour

Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary ranked the world’s top cities for long-term real estate investment

Condo developers start 2014 with record number of launches. | Toronto Star

What Happened to Fast-Food Workers When San Jose Raised the Minimum Wage? – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Hypo Alpe Adria : Lange Gefängnisstrafe für Ex-Bankchef Tilo Berlin – Nachrichten Geld – Verbraucher – DIE WELT

A bank executive at the Austrian bank Hypo Aldria Alpe is getting 26 months in the slammer.

Antitrust issues abound as Comcast explains Time Warner Cable deal in the Senate

Comcast has very bad reasons for wanting to buy Time Warner Cable | The Verge

MediaFire Launches Desktop Apps, Offers 1TB of Space for $2.50 a Month

T-Mobile’s new $40 plan gets you unlimited talk, text & 500MB of LTE data, no international perks | 9to5Mac

Self-Destructing Email: Pluto Aims to Be Snapchat for Longer Messages – Personal Tech News – WSJ

Dropbox Adds Collaborative Editing for Microsoft Office

Dropbox: Ok, now we’re really serious about the enterprise and collaboration

Dropbox Makes a Bid to Be “A Home for Life.” (A What?) | Re/code

New Dropbox ‘Carousel’ App Moves Company Beyond Storage – Digits – WSJ

Whitehat hacker goes too far, gets raided by FBI, tells all | Ars Technica

Facebook Is Forcing All Users To Download Messenger By Ripping Chat Out Of Its Main Apps | TechCrunch

Heartbleed vulnerability may have been exploited months before patch [Updated] | Ars Technica

The LastPass Blog: LastPass Now Checks If Your Sites Are Affected by Heartbleed

Global PC shipments fall for eighth straight quarter | Reuters

S&P Downgrades New Jersey Rating on Budget Worry –

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China returns to trade surplus as imports fall more than exports | South China Morning Post

Weak Chinese Trade Data Cloud Growth Hopes – | Bomb explodes outside Bank of Greece

UK’s new 12-sided £1 said to be the world’s most secure coin | The Verge

Britain’s property market posts highest sales level in more than six years | Business | The Guardian

Yes, the SEC was colluding with banks on CDO prosecutions | Felix Salmon

Cisco Joins Race to Offer Cloud Services –

“Cisco Systems Inc. plans to begin offering “cloud” computing service to corporate customers, pledging to spend $1 billion over the next two years to enter a market now led by Inc.

Watsa Says Dot-com Rally to ‘End in Tears’ – Bloomberg

Yes, the market is frothy but the problem with statements like this one below is that it undermines the entire argument. Facebook made $1.5 billion in net income last year. SO it’s simply not true to say there’s no value there. ““There’s nothing underlying the value of these companies””

U.K. Gas Reaches April High as Ukraine Halts Imports From Russia – Bloomberg

Bank of America to pay $727 million to consumers over credit card problems | Reuters

StoreDot’s Bio-Organic Battery Tech Can Charge From Flat To Full In 30 Seconds | TechCrunch

Mario Draghi’s ‘whatever it takes’ may not be enough for the euro –

“When I asked one of Europe’s most influential economic policy makers recently whether the euro crisis really is over, he replied: “No, it’s just moving from the periphery to the core.” The argument is that while worries about Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Spain have become less acute, concerns about Italy and even France should actually be rising. The statistics for Italy, in particular, are shocking. Since the onset of the crisis in 2008, Italy has lost 25 per cent of its industrial capacity and the real level of unemployment is now, according to senior Italian officials, about 15 per cent. “

More Moms Staying Home, Reversing Decadeslong Decline – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Ukraine crisis: Violent brawl at Kiev parliament – YouTube

Tech flotations head under water –

Citigroup pays US$1.1b to settle claims over mortgage bonds | South China Morning Post

“Citigroup agreed to pay US$1.13 billion to settle claims from mortgage-bond investors as it seeks to curb liabilities tied to the financial crisis. It took a US$100 million first-quarter charge. The 68 securitisation trusts covered by the settlement issued a combined US$59.4 billion in mortgage-backed securities from 2005 to 2008, the New York-based bank said in a statement on Monday”

The #1 New Paid App In The Play Store Costs $4, Has Over 10,000 Downloads, A 4.7-Star Rating… And It’s A Total Scam [Updated]

What Bitcoin Users Need To Know About Heartbleed | TechCrunch

“If you’re using a bitcoin wallet or an online wallet or exchange, heartbleed could be a very real problem for you and your BTC. Luckily, things have finally settled down after a few days of panic and there are few very easy ways to ensure you’re protected.”

Goldman Sachs Mulls Shutting Down Dark Pool –

“Dark pools are trading venues where investors are granted a greater degree of anonymity than in the public markets. About 14% of stock trading took place in dark pools in January, most of it routed through entities run by big banks, according to Rosenblatt Securities, which advises institutional investors. Goldman’s consistently ranks among the top five dark pools in the market, according to Rosenblatt.”

Untaxed U.S. corporate profits held overseas top $2.1 trillion: study | Reuters

“Foreign profits held overseas by U.S. corporations to avoid taxes at home nearly doubled from 2008 to 2013 to top $2.1 trillion, said a private research firm’s report, prompting a call for reform by the Senate’s top tax law writer.”

As Wage Debate Rages, Some Have Already Made the Shift –

Putin Lacking Beachhead in East Ukraine as Stalemate Seen – Bloomberg

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