News: 2014-03-31

News links for 31 Mar 2014


BBC News – Eurozone inflation falls to 0.5% in March

Guest post: who is Vladimir Putin? | beyondbrics

Bitcoin Slips In The Wake Of The IRS’s Tax Decision | TechCrunch

Japan March manufacturing PMI slows for second month, snowstorms blamed | Reuters

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Production Peaks in Japan –

BBC News – Japan factory output slows unexpectedly in February | Markets ready to welcome Greece back

China’s big banks double bad-loan write-offs –

President Putin’s economic Achilles heel | Gavyn Davies

Anthony Weiner On Tesla – Business Insider

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I see these arguments as entirely bogus and corporatist. It is supporting incumbent distribution channels because that’s where political patronage is. This is politics at its worst.

Obama Vs. Reagan Deficits – Business Insider

What I Learned Negotiating With Steve Jobs – Heidi Roizen’s Adventures in Entrepreneurship

Argentina admite que su economía creció el 3%, en lugar del 4,9% | Economía | EL PAÍS

In 2007, under Nestor Kirchner inflation numbers started to be manipulated. In 2008, GDP numbers too. Now that Argentina is fixing its doctored economic statistics under pressure from the IMF, it is also revising GDP growth numbers. 2013 was reduced from 4.9% to 3%.

Newly unsealed documents show Steve Jobs’ brutal response after getting a Google employee fired | PandoDaily

Obamacare: Affordable Care Act Support Hits New Low in Poll – TIME

NSA reportedly targeted as many as 122 world leaders for surveillance | The Verge

GCHQ and NSA Targeted Private German Companies – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Dollar reserve role secure but set to shrink: BIS | Reuters


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