News: 2014-03-18

News links for 18 Mar 2014



Crimea will cost Russia at least $400bn this year – BUSINESS NEW EUROPE

Russia Banks Jump After Excluded From U.S. Sanctions – Bloomberg

Russia Eyes Crimea’s Oil and Gas Reserves | naked capitalism

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BBC News – Russia ‘planned Wall Street bear raid’

Krim-Krise : Europas Banken riskieren 194 Milliarden in Russland – Nachrichten Geld – DIE WELT

European banks risk 194 billion dollars in Russia versus 35 billion for US banks according to Morgan Stanley.

Putin Is Just Getting Started « The Dish

BBC News – Russia’s Vladimir Putin recognises Crimea as nation

EU and US impose sanctions on Russia and Ukraine officials –

“Taras Berezovets, a Crimean-born Ukrainian political analyst, said the risk of armed conflict breaking out in coming days between Ukrainian and Russian troops in Crimea was very high. “Ukrainian troops there will be considered by local authorities beyond the law . . . if they don’t surrender they could be shot at and full-blown military conflict could erupt,” he said. “We could see the breakout of military battles.””



Three Data Driven Nuggets From Nate Silver’s New News Site | TechCrunch

Dorian Nakamoto responds | Felix Salmon

El-Erian’s Guide To The March 2014 FOMC – Business Insider



Bank of Ireland first to allow yuan transactions –

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Euro-Rettungsschirm: Verfassungsgericht stellt neue Bedingungen – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Germany finds ESM constitutional.


Emerging Markets

El Gobierno reconoció por segundo mes consecutivo una inflación muy alta: 3,4% – 18.03.2014 –  

The new less manufactured inflation numbers in Argentina show monthly inflation of 3.4% in February.

Argentina credit rating cut due to inconsistent economic policies – Telegraph

New home price rises ease in China | South China Morning Post

Crackdown Betrays Breadth of Beijing’s Challenges – China Real Time Report – WSJ

China FDI data indicates sharp slowdown in February

Australia Is Worried Too Many Chinese Are Buying Homes There – Real Time Economics – WSJ

200 more villagers are feared dead as Nigeria plunges deeper into chaos


North America

US factory output warms up after winter storms | Business | The Guardian

U.S. home builder sentiment ticks up in March, still sour | Reuters

Food Prices Surge as Drought Exacts a High Toll on Crops –

Real estate association trims 2014 home sales forecast as year off to slow start | Toronto Star


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