News: 2013-12-31

Three big macro questions for 2014 | Gavyn Davies
Reasons to be cheerful, despite the threat in the shadows -
In No One We Trust -
Schneier on Security: Joseph Stiglitz on Trust
Fixing the Shiller CAPE: Accounting, Dividends, and the Permanently High Plateau | Philosophical Economics
Interesting view on accounting and the Shiller PE/CAPE. I am not really convinced here because I see the effort to alter the accounting as emblematic of a desire to justify stock prices.
Euro Zone Rode the Shock Waves in 2013 -
Latvia sees joining euro as extra protection against Russia -
Latvia’s Eurozone entry set to attract dirty money from Russia, Eastern Europe | Financial Post
Lägsta skatten på 37 år - DN.SE
Swedish taxes are at the lowest lev...

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