Links: 2013-09-10

Because I am going to be out pretty much all day, I am posting the links early. There will be no blogging from my side today after this.
Interest Rates and Monetary Aggregates During the Lesser Depression – Part 1 | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM 
interesting piece on monetary and fiscal policy, qe and endogenous money. This is pretty wonkish but the gist here is that Krugman likes to talk about how he wrote a paper about what you need to do and why. But if you look at the details, his paper is pretty monetarist at heart in its roots. And a lot of the theory is incorrect.
Yahoo files lawsuit against NSA over user data requests | World news |
"Yahoo says 'withholding information breeds mistrust' and asks to be allowed to publish its number of received data requests"
Soaring house...

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