Links: 2013-08-01

The Fed
George Lone Dissenter Again: Bullard Gets What He Wants - Real Time Economics - WSJ 
Fed Sees Risk of Disinflation, Maintains Bond Buying Pace - Bloomberg
Could Geithner End Up the Next Fed Chairman? - Bloomberg
Who Is Roger Ferguson and Could He Be the Next Fed Chair? - Matthew O'Brien - The Atlantic
Who Is Don Kohn? - Real Time Economics - WSJ
Fed Gender Embarrassment Raises Pressure to Name Yellen - Bloomberg
The Sexist Attacks on Janet Yellen Have to Stop - Matthew O'Brien - The Atlantic
US Fed race: David Rosenberg weighs in for Yellen, while Obama sticks up for Summers | Financial Post
"In the Yellen camp, Rosenberg said in a note to clients Wednesday that she deserves the job because she “took on her colleagues over the housing bubble (the one that Greenspan and Ber...

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