Links: 2013-06-20

EU rejects Cypriot leader's plea for more bank aid | World news | The Guardian
U.K. Mulls Breakup of RBS -
America cedes moral high ground on cyber spying -
A Reply to Epstein & Pilon on NSA's Metadata Program | Cato @ Liberty
Web’s Reach Binds N.S.A. and Silicon Valley Leaders -
Procedures used by NSA to minimize data collection from US persons: Exhibit B – full document | World news |
"The documents detail the procedures the NSA is required to follow to target 'non-US persons' under its foreign intelligence powers – and what the agency does to minimize data collected on US citizens and residents"
Germany's ascendancy over Europe will prove short-lived - Telegraph
FedEx posts higher-than expected profit, will cut more capacity | Reuter...

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