News Links: Will Spain spark an EU anti-austerity crusade?

News links for 6 Mar 2012.


Editor’s note: In the past, I have offered up a links post on the most important news items of the day like this one. That post is going away and being replaced by a more robust offering that also includes my news commentary in addition to the links. I hope this will put those links in context for you and give you a chance to ping me with specific comments about market and economic news issues you are seeing. This product will retail for $2.99 per month, which is a much lower price threshold than the more comprehensive premium products and it also gives you an ad-free environment here at the site. Obviously, given the price point, this isn’t a huge money maker for me. Instead, my hope is that it gives more of you a chance to get into the membership and provides a vehicle for us to talk more about the markets and the economy.

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This is the last post in the old format. What I intend to do going forward is put up the links post for a couple of days in the new format for free to give you a feel for what the news commentary will initially look like. Then, soon afterwards, I will start the Bronze Membership.

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