All S&P sovereign credit ratings in order from Australia to Greece for January 2012

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In the wake of today’s extraordinary credit ratings action for the euro zone by Standard and Poor’s, below are the rating agency’s sovereign credit ratings.

Entity Local Currency Rating Foreign Currency Rating T&C Assessment
Australia (Commonwealth of) (Unsolicited Ratings) AAA AAA AAA
Denmark (Kingdom of) AAA AAA AAA
Finland (Republic of) AAA AAA AAA
Germany (Federal Republic of) (Unsolicited Ratings) AAA AAA AAA
Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region) AAA AAA AAA
Liechtenstein (Principality of) AAA AAA AAA
Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of) AAA AAA AAA
Netherlands (The) (State of) (Unsolicited Ratings) AAA AAA AAA
Norway (Kingdom of) AAA AAA AAA
Singapore (Republic of) (Unsolicited Ratings) AAA AAA AAA
Sweden (Kingdom of) AAA AAA AAA
Swiss Confederation (Unsolicited Ratings) AAA AAA AAA
United Kingdom (Unsolicited Ratings) AAA AAA AAA
Austria (Republic of) AA+ AA+ AAA
France (Republic of) (Unsolicited Ratings) AA+ AA+ AAA
Guernsey AA+ AA+ AAA
Isle of Man AA+ AA+ AAA
New Zealand AA+ AA AAA
United States of America (Unsolicited Ratings) AA+ AA+ AAA
Belgium (Kingdom of) (Unsolicited Ratings) AA AA AAA
Chile (Republic of) AA A+ AA
Czech Republic AA AA- AA+
Emirate of Abu Dhabi AA AA AA+
Kuwait (State of) AA AA AA+
Qatar (State of) AA AA AA+
Bermuda AA- AA- AAA
China (People’s Republic of ) AA- AA- AA-
Estonia (Republic of) AA- AA- AAA
Israel (State of) AA- A+ AA
Japan (Unsolicited Ratings) AA- AA- AAA
Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of) AA- AA- AA+
Taiwan (Republic of China) (Unsolicited Ratings) AA- AA- AA+
Korea (Republic of) A+ A AA-
Slovenia (Republic of) A+ A+ AAA
Andorra (Principality of) A A AAA
Malaysia A A- A+
Oman (Sultanate of) A A AA-
Poland (Republic of) A A- A+
Ras Al Khaimah (Emirate of) A A AA+
Slovak Republic A A AAA
South Africa (Republic of) A BBB+ A
Spain (Kingdom of) A A AAA
Trinidad and Tobago (Republic of) A A AA
Aruba A- A- A-
Botswana (Republic of) A- A- A+
Brazil (Federative Republic of) A- BBB A-
Curacao A- A- A-
Malta (Republic of) A- A- AAA
Mexico A- BBB A
Thailand (Kingdom of) A- BBB+ A
Colombia (Republic of) BBB+ BBB- BBB+
Ireland (Republic of) BBB+ BBB+ AAA
Italy (Republic of) (Unsolicited Ratings) BBB+ BBB+ AAA
Kazakhstan (Republic of) BBB+ BBB+ BBB+
Peru (Republic of) BBB+ BBB A-
Russian Federation BBB+ BBB BBB
Bahrain (Kingdom of) BBB BBB BBB
Bulgaria (Republic of) BBB BBB A
Commonwealth of The Bahamas (The) BBB BBB BBB+
Lithuania (Republic of) BBB BBB A
Morocco (Kingdom of) BBB BBB- BBB+
Tunisia (Republic of) BBB BBB- BBB
Azerbaijan (Republic of) BBB- BBB- BBB-
Barbados BBB- BBB- BBB
Croatia (Republic of) BBB- BBB- BBB+
Iceland (Republic of) BBB- BBB- BBB-
India (Republic of) (Unsolicited Ratings) BBB- BBB- BBB+
Montserrat BBB- BBB- BBB-
Panama (Republic of) BBB- BBB- AAA
Turkey (Republic of) BBB- BB BBB-
Costa Rica (Republic of) BB+ BB BBB-
Cyprus (Republic of) BB+ BB+ AAA
Guatemala (Republic of) BB+ BB BBB-
Hungary (Republic of) BB+ BB+ BBB
Indonesia (Republic of) BB+ BB+ BBB-
Latvia (Republic of) BB+ BB+ BBB+
Philippines (Republic of the) BB+ BB BB+
Romania BB+ BB+ BBB+
Uruguay (Oriental Republic of) BB+ BB+ BBB
Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of) BB BB BBB-
Macedonia (Republic of) BB BB BB+
Montenegro (Republic of) BB BB AAA
Portugal (Republic of) BB BB AAA
Serbia (Republic of) BB BB BB
Angola (Republic of) BB- BB- BB-
Bangladesh (People’s Republic of) BB- BB- BB-
El Salvador (Republic of) BB- BB- AAA
Gabonese Republic BB- BB- BBB-
Georgia (Government of) BB- BB- BB
Mongolia BB- BB- BB
Paraguay (Republic of) BB- BB- BB
Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of) BB- B+ B+
Suriname (The Republic of) BB- BB- BB
Vietnam (Socialist Republic of) BB- BB- BB-
Albania (Republic of) B+ B+ BB-
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela B+ B+ B+
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) B+ B+ B+
Cape Verde (Republic of) B+ B+ BB
Cook Islands B+ B+ AAA
Dominican Republic B+ B+ BB
Egypt (Arab republic of) B+ B+ B+
Kenya (Republic of) B+ B+ BB-
Mozambique (Republic of) B+ B+ B+
Nigeria (Federal Republic of) B+ B+ B+
Papua New Guinea (Independent State of) B+ B+ BB
Senegal (Republic of) B+ B+ BBB-
Uganda (Republic of) B+ B+ BB-
Ukraine B+ B+ B+
Zambia (Republic of) B+ B+ B+
Argentina (Republic of) (Unsolicited Ratings) B B B
Benin (Republic of) B B BBB-
Bosnia and Herzegovina B B BB-
Burkina Faso B B BBB-
Cambodia (Kingdom of) (Unsolicited Ratings) B B B+
Cameroon (Republic of) B B BBB-
Fiji Islands (Republic of) B B B
Ghana (Republic of) B B B+
Honduras (Republic of) B B BB-
Lebanon (Republic of) B B BB-
Republic of Rwanda B B B
Belarus (Republic of) B- B- B-
Belize B- B- B-
Ecuador (Republic of) B- B- B-
Grenada B- B- BBB-
Jamaica B- B- B
Pakistan (Islamic Republic of) B- B- B-
Greece (Hellenic Republic) CC CC AAA

Source: Standard & Poor’s

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