News Links: Why Bernanke has Failed, and Will Continue to Fail


Edward Harrison is the founder of Credit Writedowns and a former career diplomat, investment banker and technology executive with over twenty five years of business experience. He has also been a regular economic and financial commentator on BBC World News, CNBC Television, Business News Network, CBC, Fox Television and RT Television. He speaks six languages and reads another five, skills he uses to provide a more global perspective. Edward holds an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College.


  1. Dave Holden says:

    “Greece: The history behind the collapse”

    Nice “big picture” view of Greece.

    “The Smartphone Wars: Dinosaurs mating?”

    More smartphone rumours – MS to buy Nokia’s smartphone division?

    “UltraViolet: Hollywood’s giant digital gamble is here”

    Something I missed.

    And finally in the “No less bonkers than much else I’ve read from very smart Economists” category we have a  “No really, monetary policy wasn’t loose enough” production from Scott Sumner.

    “Sumner on Money and the Fed”

  2. Oldrich says:

    It was possible to catch the move in the Swiss franc even without having an insider in the SNB. On the other hand I woudn’t mind having a friend or better yet a relative inside a Central bank… Poor guy, I hope it was not some sort of dirty set up to get rid of him-:)

  3. Dave Holden says:

    On your first link I highly recommend his book “An Unconventional Guide to Investing in Troubled Times”, no magic formula but a good recognition of reality.