The Daily Links Post: 2010-12-11

  • YouTube postings set off legal furor |
  • The Associated Press: Cables show Ireland ceded to Vatican pressure
  • Employment, Interest, and Money: There Is No Such Things As Monetary Policy
  • Nationwide Title goes on attack against vocal critics – St. Petersburg Times
  • India: Fetish for Gold – Morgan Stanley – Global Economic Forum
  • Jury convicts ex-Goldman man in trade secrets case| Reuters
  • Ireland could sell banks to Middle Eastern wealth funds – Telegraph
  • Is the NC-17 rating ruining the Oscars? | Film |
  • Bill Clinton Takes Back The White House – Swampland –
  • Erskine Bowles Was Wrong: The Era Of "Deficit Denial" Definitely Is Not Over | Capital Gains and Games
  • The Effort to Claim that Economists Support Obama’s Capitulation on Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
  • On the Ability of Trees to Grow to the Sky
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