Hugh Hendry talking Greek and euro banker bailout on CrossTalk

Last week I was on RTTV’s CrossTalk talking about the Goldman Sachs Senate hearings with two other guests. This week, on the latest edition of CrossTalk, Peter Lavelle asks his guests who is being bailed out: Greece or the bankers. The inimitable Hugh Hendry is the most well-known of the guests and suggests Greece needs to leave the eurozone, default, devalue. The banks would take a massive haircut.

Pretty good stuff. (Hat tip Scott)

See also: BNP reveals 5 bln eur Greek debt exposure; Q1 rises from Reuters and Who’s exposed to Greece, bank edition from FT Alphaville.


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  1. Sam Costanzo says:

    Clearly the banks are being bailed out. Otherwise the debts would be restructured.