Links: 2010-04-14 WaMu’s lack of faith in Goldman and Greek aid’s legal threat


  • WaMu Chief Killinger Didn’t Trust Goldman Sachs, E-Mails Show – BusinessWeek
  • German threatens legal challenge over Greek aid: report| Reuters
  • FT Alphaville » Greece – ‘It’s not that different’
  • Observations: Happy or sad, emotions persisted beyond remembering an event in people with amnesia
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  • Children who form no racial stereotypes found: Scientific American
  • Interview With Jim Chanos On Dubai, Greece, And Derivatives
  • Twitter Has a Plan to Make Money With Ads –
  • Links Get Clicked 3.4 Billion Times A Month, New Features Coming
  • ‘Socialist’ Obama to Move Supreme Court to Right: Ann Woolner –
  • British and German property owners in Greece face new tax – Telegraph
  • Northern Rock’s hairline crack hid chasm of bad debt – Telegraph
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  • Japan mulls monetisation of public debt and yen devaluation – Telegraph
  • Chinese property prices jump at a record pace – Telegraph
  • FT Alphaville – Tracy Alloway – Bored with Greece? BNP Paribas is too
  • Investors buoyed by Goldilocks climate: BofA poll| Reuters
  • Now Meet Two WaMu Whistleblowers – Deal Journal – WSJ
  • Spotlight Complicates China Steps on Currency –
  • The Real Tea Party – Economix Blog –
  • U.S. Bank Profit ‘Imbalances Are Re-Occurring’: Chart of Day –
  • Investigators Focusing Further on Lehman’s Use of Accounting Gimmicks –
  • Rahm Emanuel and Magnetar Capital: The Definition of Compromised « naked capitalism
  • Washington’s Blog: "Never Even a Whisper" at Fed’s Open Market Committee Meetings
  • – China banks ‘face $70bn gap’
  • Twin deficits: How’s that rebalancing coming? | The Economist
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