The week in review at Credit Writedowns: 2010-03-20


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  • Strategic default: In come the waves again
  • The politicization of economic problems
  • Germany backtracking on IMF involvement in Greece
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  • Roach: I think we should take the baseball bat out on Paul Krugman
  • The Economy’s Vicious Cycle for Michigan Banks and Business
  • Is China in a bubble blow-off top like Japan post-Plaza accord?
  • Serious Problems Emerge For The F-UK-DE Group of Countries
  • Whitney: The housing market surely will double dip
  • Michael Lewis and Wall Street’s Doomsday Machine
  • Japan – Defying Gravity?
  • This is the problem with China’s currency peg
  • Jim Rogers: expect a double dip by 2012
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    Week’s Most Popular Older Posts
  • JP Morgan Chase buys WaMu out
  • The mindset will not change; a depressionary relapse may be coming
  • Murder-Suicide in Chimerica

  • Links: 2010-03-18 – Overheating in Asia and more on China
  • Links: 2010-03-17 – China, Lehman and more
  • Links: 2010-03-16 – More on Lehman’s accounting fraud
  • Links: 2010-03-15 – Sovereign credit ratings, China and protectionism
  • Links: 2010-03-13 – Fed’s Lehman Repos, States may hold onto tax refunds 
  • Economic Data
  • Retail Sales Much Stronger than Expected
  • Chart of the Day: Financial, Household and Government Debt-to-GDP ratios
  • Stat of the Day: Home loan delinquencies going bad faster than fixes
  • Chart of the Day: US Financial Conditions Index at 32-month high 
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