The week in review at Credit Writedowns: 2010-03-07


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  • The mindset will not change; a depressionary relapse may be coming
  • Just what is going on in Sweden?
  • Going Off on Rogoff – There is No Hard Debt Constraint for Fiat Currency
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  • The Retirement Lottery
  • Why is George Soros buying gold if it’s in a bubble?
  • Faber: 20% correction if S&P reaches new high
  • Fiscal Follies
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  • Consumer Protection: Complexity is the handmaiden of deception
  • What is Up with Fed Funds?
  • Make Markets Be Markets: The Report
  • It’s about personal responsibility. No one made people buy these cars


    Week’s Most Popular Older Posts
  • Montier: Was It All Just A Bad Dream? Or, Ten Lessons Not Learnt
  • Yamada: Ready for a bond bear market?
  • Credit Crisis Timeline
  • Definition of terms


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    Economic Data
  • Jobless claims fall 29,000 for week ended 27 Feb 2010


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  • Presidential Reunion

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