Links: 2010-03-25 – Devaluing the Yuan and following Google out of China


Sorry for the lateness. I was out of pocket all day. More are coming early tomorrow morning.



  • LA Times Sees an Oncoming Option ARM Wave : CJR
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  • FT Alphaville » Devaluing the yuan
  • Social Security Payout to Exceed Revenue This Year –
  • The Canadian Banking Fallacy « The Baseline Scenario
  • FT Alphaville – Izabella Kaminska – Now, China is bashing the euro
  • Dell and Go Daddy threaten to follow Google out of China – Technology, Business –
  • Econbrowser: Not a textbook rebound
  • How Not to Run an S.E.C. Investigation – DealBook Blog –
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  • Count Me In, Don’t Get Personal, See You in 2020: Caroline Baum –
  • Credit Institute: Eurozone may not survive, warns panel –
  • Ackman’s Greatest Short Ever Told Began With Handshake Refused –
  • The Long Short : Ryan Chittum – CJR
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