Links: 2010-03-24 – The usual suspects of Greece, China and Portugal


  • Greece to Default ‘At Some Point,’ UBS’s Donovan Says –
  • FT Alphaville » Speaking of Portugal and sovereign risk: a downgrade
  • FT Alphaville – Tracy Alloway – China’s great central economy, and big local problems
  • Umfragen: FDP zieht Schwarz-Gelb in den Keller – Inland – Politik – FAZ.NET
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  • Maureen Dowd – Hail the Conquering Professor –
  • FT Alphaville » Portugal vs Greece on sovereign risk
  • Economist’s View: What market Discipline?
  • California, in Financial Crisis, Opens Prison Doors –
  • Santander y BBVA tienen más deuda que toda la banca española – Expansió
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  • Amazon: You Need To Change Your Idiotic Customer Reviews Policy Right Now
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  • Should You Buy or Rent? – Kiplinger
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  • Greek Crisis May Provoke Fed-ECB Split as Euro Slides –
  • Be Prepared: Tax Increases Are Inevitable – CBS
  • – A pseudo solution to the euro’s failings
  • House Republicans Want to Wind Down GSEs « HousingWire
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