Links: 2010-03-18 – Overheating in Asia and more on China


  • – Asia’s inflation genie leaps out of the bottle
  • House prices to fall further as loan arrears rise –
  • TheMoneyIllusion » It’s China’s world, we just live in it (Krugman, round two)
  • More Americans live with multiple generations of family –
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  • – The weak renminbi is not just America’s problem
  • How US Government Spies Use Facebook (Updated)
  • – Madrid push for faster bank consolidation
  • Europe facing commercial property timebomb – Telegraph
  • Yuan rise would be disastrous: China export body| Reuters
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  • Reuters Is Excellent in Digging Up a Health Insurer’s Tactics : CJR
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  • In Phoenix, Real Estate Downturn Hits Commercial Properties –
  • How to lose $222 million in real estate – Lansner on Real Estate : The Orange County Register
  • The Repo Men’s New Lehman Shrug | The New York Observer
  • Recession Hits All Black Workers Harder – Real Time Economics – WSJ
  • More homeowners are opting for ‘strategic defaults’ –
  • Morgan Stanley – Richard Berner – The Coming Rebound in Private Credit Demands

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