Links: 2010-03-17 – China, Lehman and more

Lehman Brothers

  • Lehman Hid Money With Help of Global Rules – DealBook Blog –
  • The Lehman Report: Is It Time for a Special Prosecutor?: Rational Irrationality : The New Yorker
  • Lehman: Regulators Chose to Deny, Extend and Pretend « naked capitalism
  • Another Disturbing Finding in Lehman Bros. Report | The Huffington Post Investigative Fund
  • The Jenner & Block Lehman Report and Lack of Financial Reform « Rortybomb
  • Lehman chicanery is tip of the iceberg | Prem Sikka | Comment is free |
  • Leeway for Lehman Brothers : Ryan Chittum – CJR
  • A Few Words on Lehman « The Baseline Scenario
  • A Whiff of Repo 105 « The Baseline Scenario
  • NY Fed Under Geithner Implicated in Lehman Accounting Fraud Allegation « naked capitalism



  • China’s currency: Imbalances revisited | The Economist
  • China in ‘Greatest Bubble in History,’ Rickards Says – BusinessWeek
  • / Columnists / Martin Wolf – China and Germany unite to impose global deflation
  • / Comment / Opinion – China’s property bubble is worse than it looks
  • China Toughens Rules for Foreign Companies – 


    Financial News

  • Inner Workings » The Fed is Painted Into a Corner
  • Banks Get Squeezed by Cities, States –
  • Eyes on the Road: Life in the Fast Lane –
  • Australia faces housing affordability ‘time bomb’: developer
  • Housing starts surge most since 2001 – Sydney Morning Herald
  • Economic Scene – Deficit Builds as Americans Pay Less and Get More –
  • Feldstein Sees Greece Euro-Exit Pressures as Deficit Plan Fails – BusinessWeek
  • David Rosenberg: You Think Housing Is Recovering? Check Out These Charts
  • EU fudges Greek rescue yet again – Telegraph
  • – Brown blocks hedge fund reform deal
  • Banks Just Ignored $3 Of Commercial Real Estate Losses For Every $1 They Reported
  • SqueezePlay : March 11, 2010 : Fighting Deficit Hysteria [03-11-10 5:30 PM]
  • FT Alphaville » The recovery cannot be sustained
  • Calculated Risk: HAMP Debt-to-income Ratios of "Permanent" Mods
  • – Investors shun Europe as sovereign risk weighs
  • NAMA to demolish developments that will never be viable – Irish, Business –
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