Links: 2010-03-15 – Sovereign credit ratings, China and protectionism



  • Britain warns China against protectionism – Telegraph
  • – China calls currency pressure ‘protectionism’
  • Chinese Premier Warns of ‘Double Dip’ Recession –
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  • Paul Krugman – Taking On China and Its Currency –
  • The more America huffs about the yuan, the less China will do about it – Telegraph
  • Is China’s Politburo spoiling for a showdown with America? – Telegraph
  • China’s Water Pistol – Paul Krugman Blog –
  • China and the Double Dip Recession — Seeking Alpha

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  • NY manufacturing growth slows in March: Fed survey – National Post
  • BBC News – UK credit rating viewed as safe
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  • Distraction of the Day: March Madness 1973 Edition

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