Links: 2010-03-11 – Sovereign debt explosion, Russian Eurobonds and more


  • – Spain has the means to avoid Greece’s fate
  • – Mohamed El-Erian – How to handle the sovereign debt explosion
  • BofA under regulatory pressure to shrink: report| Reuters
  • Second Lien Writedowns, II « Rortybomb
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  • Discouraged older job seekers give up, calling themselves retired – MSN Money
  • Chase Returns Retired Teacher’s Stolen $6,200 – The Consumerist
  • U.S. posts record $220.9 billion budget gap in Feb | Reuters
  • Senate passes $149 billion for jobless aid, tax breaks | Reuters
  • Pension crises: Gambling our future | The Economist
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  • BBC News – Bank stress tests to be harsher, says FSA
  • Sovereign debt: This time probably isn’t different | The Economist
  • "Bill Black’s Top Ten Ways to Crack Down on Corporate Financial Crime"
  • SEC Economist Leaving Amid Short-Sale Rules Conflict –
  • Bank of America Plans to End Overdraft Fees on Debit Card Purchases –
  • Russia Eurobonds Yield Under 5% for First Time Before Debt Sale –
  • The Empire Continues to Strike Back: Team Obama Propaganda Campaign Reaches Fever Pitch « naked capitalism
  • Debtwatch No. 43: Declaring victory at half time | Steve Keen’s Debtwatch
  • Home loans slump most in a decade – Sydney Morning Herald
  • Build America Helps Generate Wall Street Fees –

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