Links: 2010-03-10 – Mortgage writedowns, bank levies, gold bubble and more


  • FT Alphaville – Tracy Alloway – Some useful things I’ve learned about Germany’s hyperinflation’
  • Another Real-Time Economic Indicator Is Rolling Over And Showing Contraction
  • – Martin Wolf – Germany’s eurozone crisis nightmare
  • New credit crunch risk as banks face funding crisis – Telegraph
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  • The Emotional Cost of Underemployment – Gallup
  • Morgan Stanley’s Roach Sees ‘False Alarm’ on China – BusinessWeek
  • interfluidity » In defense of incivility
  • Rick Bookstaber: The Gold Bubble
  • Simoleon Sense – Part 2: Interview With James Montier – The Little Book of Behavioral Investing – How Not To Be Your Own Worst Enemy
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  • – Bair seeks upfront levy on big banks
  • Mortgage Principal—Mortgage Principal Writedown Won’t Save Housing – CNBC
  • Jim Rogers: Pleite von Griechenland waere gut fuer den Euro | egghat’s blog
  • FT Alphaville – Tracy Alloway – EMF – you’re unbelievable
  • Economist’s View: Make Markets Be Markets
  • FT Alphaville – Tracy Alloway -Notch ‘em up, and notch ‘em down
  • Bob Herbert – The Source of Obama’s Trouble –
  • Short-Sale Program Will Pay Homeowners to Sell at a Loss –
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