Links: 2010-03-08 – Decline in income, Australian housing bubble and more


  • ‘On the Edge’ Banks Facing Writedowns After FDIC Loan Auctions –
  • The next European country set for debt watch: France – The Globe and Mail
  • – Edward Chancellor – How long has the lucky country got?
  • Defaulted Loans May Haunt Seniors –
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  • – Big bank oversight to stay with Fed
  • Economist’s View: Government Can and Should Create Jobs
  • Economist’s View: Paul Krugman: An Irish Mirror
  • Tim Duy’s Fed Watch: Real Personal Income Less Transfer Payments
  • Consumer Groups Urge Regulation of Nonbank Financial Institutions –
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  • U.S. companies amass record cash vs debt: report | Reuters
  • Obama advisers set to recommend military tribunals for alleged 9/11 plotters –
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