Links: 2010-03-05 – Debtflation, the role of government, and lessons from Japan


  • Morgan Stanley – Global Economic Forum – Debating Debtflation
  • – Pandit blames Citi’s woes on short selling
  • Marshall Auerback: A tale of two recoveries – Germany and Malaysia, Part II
  • Stuck in neutral – what Japan’s rebalancing can teach us – Michael Pettis
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  • U.S. lawmakers launch push to repeal NAFTA | Reuters
  • Economist’s View: Adam Smith and the Role of Government
  • The Housing Metrics of Southern California: Seasonal Home Sales, Inflation Adjusted Home Prices, Tens of Thousands Living Rent Free, and the Japanese Experience. » Dr. Housing Bubble Blog
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  • Mitt Romney’s TARP problem | James Pethokoukis | Reuters
  • The Eddie Murphy Rule for Futures Markets: First the Volcker Rule, Now This – MarketBeat – WSJ
  • Joblessness May Help Explain Quiet Flu Season – Real Time Economics – WSJ
  • Not till they’ve nothing left to lose? | Rolfe Winkler – Reuters

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