Links: 2010-03-02 – Canada doing well, socializing losses in Spain and more


  • Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis, NASA Scientist Says –
  • Strong demand for 30 year gilt auction | Business |
  • GM to recall 1.3 million cars in North America
  • / Europe – Spanish jobless rate hits 19% as recession spreads
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  • FT Alphaville – Tracy Alloway – On the non-existent basis of a (Greek) CDS ban
  •>>International>>Euro falling to real value – IMF
  • Canada’s prospects outshine realities challenging U.S. – The Globe and Mail
  • Ed Yardeni’s ‘Wall of Worry’ is a scary list – The Globe and Mail
  • Japan’s Unemployment Rate Unexpectedly Falls to 4.9% –
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  • Rio Tinto Digs for Ore in Australia With Robots –
  • BBC News – Allied Irish Banks make huge loss
  • Economist’s View: The “Threat of an Arrogant Laboring Class, …a Threat to the Foundation not Merely of Wealth but of Existence Itself”
  • – Willem Buiter – Britain’s lack of credibility hurts sterling
  • Mortgage Crunch Coming — John Lounsbury – Seeking Alpha
  • FT Alphaville – Izabella Kaminska – Eeek, ICO is getting riskier
  • FDIC to grease mortgage market with $1.8 bln deal | Reuters
  • Annals of Goldman Sachs client relations, Michael Lewis edition | Felix Salmon
  • Readers debate the problem of oversize air travelers. – By William Saletan – Slate Magazine
  • EconomPic: Why Save?
  • Looters hit with teargas as troops impose curfew on a country in chaos – Times Online

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