Links: 2010-03-01 – Obama is not FDR, George Soros, gross misconduct and more


A few words about the last link.  When I checked, there were 600+ comments on the post about the Washington Hospital Center firing nurses for the “gross misconduct” of missing work during blizzard conditions.  The comments were running 9 to 1 against the decision.  I applaud the outrage people are finally showing for the callous way in which corporate employment policy is practiced in the United States. People need to get off the couch, turn off their “American Idol” and “The Bachelor” mind-sucks and take a stand. 

  • – Kohn to step down from Fed in June
  • FiveThirtyEight: Obama’s No F.D.R. — Nor Does He Have F.D.R.’s Majority
  • Portugal Debt Chief: We Are Not Greece – Real Time Economics – WSJ
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  • China better than Barack Obama in handling the global financial crisis, says George Soros | The Australian
  • The American economy: Almost a lost decade | The Economist
  • Fish can recognize a face based on UV pattern alone – Science Daily
  • FT Alphaville – Stacy-Marie Ishmael – Fannie Mae’s insatiable appetite for bailout cash
  • U.S. consumer spending up, savings dwindle – National Post
  • Le Figaro – Sociétés : Warren Buffett augmente sa participation dans Sanofi
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