Links: 2010-02-27 – IMF in Greece, New York in disrepair and more


  • A parable about how one nation came to financial ruin. – By Charles Munger – Slate Magazine
  • New York State of Disrepair –
  • Liz Pulliam Weston: Broke? Calculate your debt ratios – MSN Money
  • Federal Reserve talk belies likely action on money supply – Bill Fleckenstein
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  • Why the IMF should deal with Greece – Vox
  • Is a need for fiscal stimulus a symptom of a poorly-designed social safety net?
  • Private sector credit falls by €3.2bn – The Irish Times
  • The Psychology of Moving –
  • Mortgages – Another Foreclosure Alternative –
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  • FDIC: Failed Bank Information – Bank Closing Information for Rainier Pacific Bank, Tacoma, WA
  • FDIC: Failed Bank Information – Bank Closing Information for Carson River Community Bank, Carson City, NV
  • Columbia Ideas At Work : David Beim – The Spirit of Glass-Steagall
  • Germany’s Export Prowess Weighs on Euro-Zone –
  • Giant iceberg breaks off from Antarctic glacier: Scientific American
  • Happiness ain’t all it’s cracked up to be – New Scientist
  • The sensationalist WSJ | Felix Salmon
  • Zombie economics gets a mulligan: or, how Obamacare caused the Global Financial Crisis — Crooked Timber
  • China buying IMF gold story unfounded: author | Reuters
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