Links: 2010-02-26 – credit cards, reinflating the bubble and more


  • AIG posts $8.9 billion loss | Reuters
  • CDS demonization watch, Greece edition | Felix Salmon
  • Get a Credit Card Through Credit Unions and Small Banks to Save – Credit Cards – Lifehacker
  • Welcome to the revolution Mr. Weidner – Abnormal Returns
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  • Reinflating the Bubble : Ryan Chittum – CJR
  • Facebook Secures Patent for News Feed – Mashable
  • Iceland delegation walks out on £2.3bn Icesave debt repayment talks | World news |
  • Muammar Gaddafi calls for jihad on Swiss after ban on building minarets – Times Online
  • Dimon Decries Washington’s Treatment of Banks – DealBook Blog –
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  • Europe seeks Canadians’ advice in debt crisis – National Post
  • Random Viral Whatsit of the Day: The Norwegian Olympic Curling Team’s Pants Fan Page
  • Nouns and verbs are learned in different parts of the brain – Science Daily
  • Did Saddam Hussein model himself on Darth Vader? – CultureLab – New Scientist
  • Obama Defends His Agenda to Business Roundtable –
  • Morgan Stanley’s Mack Concerned About Politics –
  • Swiss shun untaxed cash, seek fix to black money | Reuters
  • BBC News – Greece angers Germany in gold row
  • Greece leads Europe’s winter of discontent – Europe, World – The Independent
  • Learn How Canceling Credit Cards Affects Your Credit Score – Credit Report – Lifehacker

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