Links: 2010-02-09 – Greek debt, Brazilian bonds, Chinese currency and more


  • Greek banks’ short-term funding options narrow | Reuters
  • Huge Nexus One ETF Magically Shrinks As FCC Investigates – The Consumerist
  • Berlin will Griechenland retten –
  • Unforced Error at Salon : CJR
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  • Anatomy of a Euromess – Paul Krugman Blog –
  • Pimco’s El-Erian favors Brazil’s bonds, Chinese yuan – The China Post
  • GM Applies for 2.7 Billion Euros in Opel-Revamp Aid –
  • House prices: housing market seizes up in Britain’s big freeze – Telegraph
  • How Do You Get A Neighbor To Stop Parking In Front Of Your House? – The Consumerist
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  • Does Google Filter Out Controversial Conservatives From Search Suggestions?
  • Hank Paulson’s Dry Heave | The New York Observer
  • Euro perspective – Paul Krugman Blog –
  • Ozawa, wife worth 2 billion | The Japan Times Online
  • Capital One doubles credit card rates – Telegraph
  • Obama Approval on Economy Down, on Foreign Affairs Up – Gallup
  • In praise of mammoth deficits –
  • Portugal, Spain Lead Rise in Sovereign Debt Risk on Budget Woes –

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