The week in review at Credit Writedowns: 2010-01-30


Most Read
  • Chart of the day: Clusterstock – How the AIG bailout worked
  • Breaking: Darrell Issa asks for a subpoena in AIG bailout cover-up
  • President Obama, are you listening?
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  • Robert Reich gets it
  • Marc Faber: Obama makes Bush look like a genius
  • A strong dollar, euro downside and a gold liquidation panic
  • Poll results: Why Obama has ratcheted up the populist rhetoric
  • Bill Gross and the deficit ring of fire
  • Chanos: “We’re not calling for an impending crash of China”
  • Construction in China’s Ghost Towns
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  • Rationalizing cover-ups and AIG bailouts at the Fed
  • Eurozone imbalances weaken trust in the euro and undermine euro area cohesion
  • Markets, Bernanke and the political calculus of re-nomination
  • The EU does have the legal power to organise bailouts
  • Barack Hoover Obama
  • Stephen Roach: Chance of Double Dip 40%

    Week’s Most Popular Older Posts
  • Credit Crisis Timeline
  • Picture of the day: Cat chases bear
  • The top 25 European banks by assets
  • Bailouts: catching a falling knife
  • The recession is over but the depression has just begun

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    Economic Data
  • State unemployment insurance insolvency: 50 little Hoovers
  • Jobless claims 470,000, average rises for 2nd week
  • Re-interpreting recession dating committee’s double-dip language for debt deflation dynamics
  • GDP up 5.7%, fastest rate since 2003
  • December’s FDIC cease and desist and other administrative orders

    Bread & Circus specials
  • The fat cats’ wet noodles
  • 15 years on: the Cantona Kung-Fu kick seen round the world
  • Constitutional Convention Updated
  • Chris Matthews on Obama’s SOTU : “I forgot he was black”
  • Fighting against your shadow
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