The smoking gun in the AIG – Geithner cover up



In handwriting:

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Note that there should be no discussion or suggestion that AIG and the NY Fed are asking to structure anything else at this point.

It will be enlightening to hear him explain what this statement means. See also Tim Geithner "Protects America From Itself" By Forcing Elimination Of Material AIG Disclosure at Zero Hedge. There are many more documents to come. This story is just unfolding.

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Update 9 Jan 2010: This post originally attributed the handwritten notes above to Tim Geithner. However, New York Fed officials are now saying he had no direct involvement in this matter.  See NY Fed: Geithner not involved in AIG disclosures from Reuters. At a minimum, Congress needs to investigate the matter.  And they are taking steps to do so. See Lawmakers press for Geithner AIG testimony also from Reuters.

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