Links: 2010-01-28


  • Banks Help Employees With Wall Street Pay –
  • – An early warning system for asset bubbles
  • – Portugal vows to cut deficit by two thirds
  • Howard Zinn, Historian, Dies at 87 – Obituary (Obit) –
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  • Credit insurer Coface says next crunch will be worse | The Australian
  • Seven Questions to Ask When Investing in Municipal Bonds (PDF) – MSRB
  • Bradbury would create ‘Bank of Oregon’ if he were governor | Politics
  • – Michael Pettis – Why trade war is very likely to break out this year
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  • It’s All About Jobs, Except When It’s Not – Pew Research Center
  • – Swedbank scraps 2009 bonuses
  • Geithner accused of incompetence over his role in AIG bailout | Business |
  • 2004 Video: Steve Jobs Disavows New Newton-Like Device for Apple | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD
  • Apple iPad Pricing Starts at $499
  • Soros warns of double-dip recession | Business |
  • Lynn Parramore: Elizabeth Warren, Rob Johnson, Eliot Spitzer, and More: What We Want to Hear Tonight From Obama
  • ChumpChanger: Morally Conflicted About Walking Away? Don’t Be.
  • The Way We Live Now – Walk Away From Your Mortgage! –

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